Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Another turkey day has come and gone. I must say I controlled myself pretty well today. Probably the most restraint I've ever used on Thanksgiving. Having a race on Saturday was good motivation to not go overboard. I got a nice run in last night before work and my legs felt really good. I actually had a nice bounce and spring in them all night at work. I took today off and will do a short tempo type run tomorrow morning to stay fresh and loose and then let Saturday just come to me. I'm in no position to force a certain type of race for myself. Temps for Saturday are probably gonna be in the 30ish area. After the race, I'll head to Georgetown for some family fun and hook up with my high school buddies for our annual post-Thanksgiving steak dinner in Champaign. As soon as I get back, its back to work. I'm going to start up my Simple Fit next week to start adding some strength to the mix. I want to really concentrate on my core and getting myself ready for the '09 season. I'm laying out a pretty strong schedule, and I need to be ready for the task.

I'm starting the search for a new mountainbike. I've got some ideas, but I really want to do my research and get the bike that will suit my needs the best. I'm really looking for a race worthy trail bike if that makes any sense. If I had to pick now, I'd probably go with the Stumpy FSR. You cant really go wrong with that thing, but I'm keeping my options open.


Mike Howard said...

How did the race go ? I took in enough calories to last all week!

Midz said...

Went very well actually. I was pleasantly surprised. Should have official results soon, but I came in at 30:05 or thereabouts. 7:32/mi pace, and felt fresh and strong. Pretty good for me right now. I'm ahead of the game. But then I've consumes a months worth of calories since!!