Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back On The Bike

Well, it wasnt pretty but I hit the trainer today. It was a short ride, only 45 minutes. It was miserable at times. Its gonna take me some saddle time to get bike ready for sure. It's really making me think I should hold off on the early Du series and maybe just hit the last race in April. I know once I get on the trails I will have A LOT of handling issues to get corrected and get my skills back.


I took the time last night and mapped out a 3 month training schedule. With the plan in place it all comes down to execution and delivery on my part now. It won't have me in top season form but it should be as good of a base as I've ever had and help me get race ready for my important races later in the year. Monday night is the last MNF game so hopefully I can start training with Milkman on Monday nights after that. I know patience will be important now too as I start incorporating the bike more with my running and strength workouts. Exciting times!

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