Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out of the Cave

So here I am. Back on track and ready to crank up some actual competition in '09. It's been a long yet short year for me. The new (not so new anymore) job is going great. I'm set to be off probation in about 3 weeks and things are good. I've settled into my nice 3rd shift routine and have gotten serious about "training" again. I ran a 10k 2 weeks ago, very slow mind you, but it was a start. I was able to taste competition again and the whole production of readying myself for an event. I missed it very much actually and look forward to what I believe will be a good '09. The goal right now is duathlons and the CITRA series, an area trail run series. I'd like to see it do well and I enjoy doing them. Gone are the days of the ultras. The training and effect they have on my body just doesn't work for......well, work. I have to be explosive and bust heads at times. I know how I felt in '07 and it just wouldn't be a good move for me. But the duathlons and shorter trail runs, that I can handle and very much enjoy. So here I am, back at it after a LOOOONG layoff. Things are lookin far.

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