Friday, November 21, 2008

Killin Airport Time

So I'm sitting here bored at the Peoria Airport so I thought I'd drop a few lines. My department has a contract with the airport that we provide security here so every so often and for 1 month/yr. I am here....watching the place. It's slightly mundane since the place is locked down for about 4 of the hours I'm here. The rest is spent locking/unlocking and checking the perimiter and the parking lot. I like to spend my free time reading, surfing the net and researching training and races. I'm still putting together my 09 schedule, waiting for a few dates to be listed. I pretty much have something going on every month except Feb, March and Dec for next year including 4 duathlons, 6 trail races and the Run to Remember 5k for fallen officers. Still hoping to lock down 2-3 du's at this point. I have a couple in mind but no word on dates yet.

I did finally get a new camera last week too so I can start putting some pictures back up in the near future. Tomorrow I get to pick up my Power Tower and get it down in our "gym". This will really help me out so I can get going on the Simple Fit workouts again. The running is coming along great right now. I need to start throwing some more riding in the plan though. I've been out on RIT once a couple weeks ago and felt better than expected so hopefully I can get some more rides in before Winter really hits us. If not, I've always got the trainer. As soon as Milkman is ready, we'll be hitting the dungeon again too.

Well, that's it for now. Back to securing PIA!!

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Mike Howard said...

What up ? Glad to see you made it back!