Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Getting So Close I Can Taste It

Well, here comes the cat out of the bag. The secret ops deal has been the fact that I am in the process of trying to get hired by the Sheriff's Department. It's been about a 6 month long process and I am nearing the finish line. I am currently having my background investigattion conducted and it appears to be going well so far. Most of my contacts have been contacted already and no one has thrown me under the bus just yet. All things are looking like like I'll be heading to PTI in the next couple weeks. Keep your fingers crossed.

As for training, it's going well. I put together three nice trail runs over the weekend and Monday. I think I'm on pace. I need some good efforts this weekend and I'll be set. I need to shoot for a total of 6-8 hours of runing time and I'll be good. Then my taper can start and it will have me ready for PTI as well.

So, it's back to the waiting game and some restless nights. Fortunately I have found that my running is a good medicine for the nerves and keeps my mind clear.


mattonne said...

I shot the Sheriff, but I did not shoot the Deputy...even I'm not THAT dumb.

Good Luck Sir!

malleigh said...

Hello Midz....:)