Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nearing The End of the Trail

I'm afraid my "ultra" days will soon be gone for awhile. I have given it a lot of thought and I need to be 100% on this new step in my life as a cop. I will have 3 months of intense training and followed up by 6 months of field training on the job. Along with that, my body is just not holding up. My weight is too low and I have lost a lot of muscle mass. Hard to swallow for a guy that used to bench 400+. I have learned a lot and it has given me a new body to rebuild leaner and better than ever before and will be more useful in my new line of duty. I am somewhat disapointed to announce that my 8 hour race on the 11th will probably be my last, but hopefully my best effort to date. It wasn't an easy decision, but one I feel will be for the best.

I'd like to thank all who have cared enough to send me well wishes and advice.

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