Sunday, June 17, 2007

Week's Recap-Taper Mode On

Where to I begin with this past week. I pretty much sat idel until Wednesday. I decided to get a road ride in with Howie and knew going in that we would push it. The ride started great. I was riding as strong as I ever had. The problem with that was that I haven't logged a lot of bike miles this year. We The ride was shaping up to be a little over 50 miles. About 4 miles from the finish I felt a little twinge in my legs. No biggie, drop a gear and spin it out. In the next half mile I was off the bike in agony. My legs were LOCKED, and I was screamin'. No make a long story short, it took me 45 minutes to cover 3.5 miles and several bouts of what I mentioned above. At that point my long run on Saturday and me 6 hr. race were both in question.

I spent the next couple days stretching, hydrationg and eating smarter. I never lost sight of my run for Saturday. I went back and looked at my diet leading up to the ride, my intake during, everything. I didn't want to make that mistake again. I pre-loaded ecaps for my Saturday run. I ate smarter in terms of vegetables and fruits, Elete in all my water and Kashi. I also used Higgins' Stick and rolloed my legs 4 times/day.

It all worked because I went out yesterday in some heat and laid down a 4 hr+ run at Jubilee. I felt pretty good too. My hr average was even lower than normal. I'm stoked! Tried out some new bottles and belt too. More on that to come. For now, the taper is on and I'll be planning it out all day today. I need to be smart now more than ever and stay focussed.


Mike Howard said...

Glad to see your okay ! I thought you were screwed for Saturday,but looks like you had a good run...Maybe I'll see ya Wednesday morning !

Midz said...

I'll meet you at Red Fox at 9:30. I need to get a brushcutter from Sauby. I have the other one.