Monday, June 11, 2007

Race Weekend in the Books

And it was a good one! We set a record for racers and everything went off great. We had 120+ at the races on Sunday and they were fast too. There was some very competitive folks out there. It was perhaps my favorite race weekend we've ever done. I expect more of the same the rest of the season. Since this is my last season as pres, I hope they can all go as well.

We were organized enough this weekend that I was able to get a nice run in Saturday morning on the big loop. I cut one small part out and kept my run to two hours. My legs felt great, no pain and I managed my hr very well. I think I'm setting myself up right for the 30th. My diet has been pretty strict lately and I've limited my cheat meals to a minimum. I need a nice solid week this week and cap it off with my last long run on Saturday which should be 4+ hrs. I've already made my camping reservations for the race and I'll actually camp at Jubilee this weekend for a "dress rehearsal". Then let the taper begin.

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