Sunday, June 24, 2007

Getting Closer-6 Days!!

I'm already getting all worked up over the 360 minute race. All that's really left for me is some final packing plans and not screwing it up. I've kept my runs pretty short, but steady the last couple days. I'll probably run 3 more times before the race and nothing more than one hour, which will be tomorrow on trails. I'll really focus my week on nutrition, hydrating, resting and stretching daily. I had a GREAT shopping day on Friday and I have all the groceries I really need for some healthy fueling. All I still need to get is about 5 gal. of water and some Hammer Gel which will be in on Wednesday and I'm ready to roll!

I did a weight check this morning.........194!! I can't believe it. I was hoping to be at 200 for this race, but I oversot that. I hope I'm not down too much to be honest with you. But hey, I feel good and I'm confident in my preparation. All I can do now is be smart and do it. I'll keep my mind off things at work and try to stay busy to make the week go faster. Then Thursday night, I'm on the road.

Focus &'s worked so far.


Mike Howard said...

Good luck dude! Let me knoq how you did !

Big Bro said...

GOOD LUCK, brother! I'm really proud of your dedication and preparations. Dad would think you're nuts, but he'd be there in a lawn chair. I'll talk at ya soon.

Midz said...

Thanks, Howie! I wouldn't be doing it without you to keep me going. You're one of my heroes.

Jeff, It's amazing that you say that. I think about Dad often when I run.