Saturday, May 12, 2007

Confidence Rising

Went out today and did just over 3.5 hours at "The Farm". I felt really good actually throughout. I think I ran smarter for starters and kept my HR manageable longer. Secondly I think I did a better job on my fueling. The timer works wonders and I didn't gulp, I just gave myself a shot and kept moving. I never got the gut pain I was having on my long runs before. I finished feeling very confident I can do more which is a good thing. I really need to hit that 4 hr. mark next month then start my taper for the 360 Minutes at Muscatatuck. I even remembered to bring along some Carnation and a banana for post run recovery to begin.

My only concern right now is my low back/hips. I'm pretty confident it may be piriformis related, but I'm not sure. Remember back when I was saying I really needed to make sure I was stretching and working my core hard? It's biting me in the ass now for not doing it as I had hoped. I have 6 weeks to stretch and strengthen it, but most importantly be smart with my training. If that means more time on the bike, so be it.

I'm planning on a VERY easy run at Bradley tomorrow to loosen up, then take Monday off completely except for some stretching.

Happy Mom's Day!


Mike Howard said...

Nice run Midds ! Sounds like the timer helped with the drinking !

Sorry I didn't get back to you I'll see you Monday night !

jeffnboise said...

Regarding your periformis-take a narrow bike seat, lay it rails down on a hard floor-nose pointing towards your feet. Lay on top of it with the wings of the saddle supporting your hips. RELAX and BREATH (this is the hard part). You'll feel yourself "opening up" in the hips-this is good. Always works for me! bigbro

Midz said...

Ahhh, My big bro always lookin' out for me! Thanks, Jeff. I'll give it a try.

Howie, get that chest healed up. We're getting on that podium at 34-9 this year!!