Saturday, May 19, 2007

Change In Plans

At least to today's plans. While running at "The Farm" today, decided to call it a day at the end of my 1st loop. I had been out for just under two hours but had went into the run looking for 3.5+. My thought behind it was this, my body has been giving me signs to pull back all week. My sleep has been off. I've had some "irregular" days and a bit of a chest tickle the last few days. I know my body well enough to know it was time to not push it. At the end of the loop, my hip felt good, my legs felt good and my HR was still where it needed to be. I just thought "Let's leave here today with something left in the tank." I really think it was the right decision. Also, I think my runs on the weekend are getting to the point that I can't go out and set a new PR every week for how long I've ran. Now I can train smart all week and build up for a nice 4ish hour run next weekend and feel good doing it.

For those that aren't members of PAMBA and have the slightest care in the world, I have officially announced that I am stepping down as president at the end of this season. It's been a great run and I hope to still be very involved with the club. I just have some matters, both personal and carreer that need some attention. And I won't lie. I need a break from it all. Getting ready for that festival took a lot out of me. It's time to move on. Tiffany deserves more of my attention as does my actual job. It will also allow me to train for whatever I decide to do next year. I have some ideas on simmer right now, but we'll get to those when we get 2007 in the books.

4-mid all week so it should be a good training week. The stretching is really helping out. I'll add some additional core work to the mix this week and make sure my runs are quality runs. Hopefully Howie and I can hit the RIT for a couple hours on Wednesday. NOTHING on Thursday except some haeavy stretching. Then start building for a big effort next Saturday.


Mike Howard said...

Four more years ! Four more years !

Midz said...

I'll hurt more of your ribs for comments like that!

mattonne said...

Although I'm not card carrying member of PAMBA I beleive you've done an OUTSTANDING job, and the folks should know how tough it can be to get things done in that position. You will be missed I'm sure. I know you'll be kickin ass from the "cheap seats"!!!


Midz said...

I sincerely apreciate that, Matt! It means a lot to me. It's been a great run. I can't wait to just volunteer, do trail work and ride my bike more....or at all.