Tuesday, April 24, 2007

No More Pictures

Not for awhile anyway. I lost my camera on the RIT yesterday. I'll wish I had it, but it sucked anyway. The thing was like lunking around an old Polaroid compared to"newer" cameras. Maybe it's time to start looking. Too bad for me I have plans for any $$ I might have in the near future. The ride was good other than the whole lost camera thing.

I went out and did a run with my buddy DWidds today. He's new at the running thing and is a big boy. He has recently started at as a deputy with Peoria County and is taking his health and stuff seriously so it's nice to push him along at times and keep him motivated. A longer trail run would have been nice, but it was probably a nice way to loosen up me runnin' legs again. I'm hoping to get some serious time on the trails in Decorah this weekend at TI.

I'll shoot for something tomorrow, probably another easy run. I'll take Thrursday off and will try to get another easy run in on Friday before we leave. I should have a new fuel system before we leave so I'll be excited to try it out in Decorah as well.

The clock will soon be tickin' and my Raiders are on the clock.

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