Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nice End to an Up and Down Week

Ah, another week in the books. My week had some highs like my run at McNaughton yesterday, but it also had some lows, such as attempting to ride the RIT on Thursday. All in all, I'll consider it a good one. My run at Mcnaughton yesterday really ended things on a good note. I only did one loop on the course for next weekend and it took me right at 2 two hours to do. Initially I wanted to run longer and maybe even shoot for the second lap, but I knew I had a night of WBG and 3 hours in the car ahead of me. I finished the run feeling very strong and felt like I ran smart in terms of my pace throughout. I learned a lot and was already looking forward to the next run. Isn't that really the truest sign of a good workout?

The WBG was as good as ever last night in the QC's. I even got to see some of the MTB guys from the QC area that I know. They host the first race in the I-74 Series next week, so they are all super amped right now. Of course te Tiffster was at my side as well. I really have to give her props. She works 3rd shift on Friday night, then gets little sleep before I drag her off to a late show and then get home about 3 a.m. Now she's back at work tonight. That's some WBG dedication there. She wouldn't admit she liked them early on, but the first time she saw them live, she was hooked. Now she goes to almost as many shows as I do.

I haven't put together a schedule for this week yet. I'll probably do that tonight. If the weather will cooperate, I'd like to get a short run in today and then hit the RIT again tomorrow for some recovery. I work mainly nights this week, so it should be a good training week.

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