Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Steppin It Up

So I started the week off with an RIT ride yesterday. Normally I ride it because I can clear my head and I can come away from the rides with some mental clarity and peace. Not so much yesterday. For some reason, it just didn't have the desired effect it normally has. I woke up today very restless and agitated and was having trouble with any focus. There was only one answer.........TRAIL RUN.

Today was supposed to be a laid back 60 min run at the park, but that just wasn't going to do. I grabbed my gear, got some bottles ready and headed to McNaughton again. I spent another enjoyable day on the trails for 2 hours and was finally somewhat relaxed and felt a little more focussed and clear. I'll need to get a very short 30 min run or so in tomorrow to loosen up and I'll probably do some core work, but then Thursday I'll have to take a day off and let my body heal up and recover. Then it will be on for this weekend.

I also need to find my focus at work. With everything going on with my training, the MMBF and my secret ops plan going on, my time at work has not been well spent. I need to work on balance between these phases of my life. Chris Carmichael would be proud.

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mattonne said...

we want to know about the "black bag" op you've got going on