Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Runnin in the Land of Funny Pants

Took me a nice run to and around the golf course today. It was a nice 55 minute jaunt. Best of all it was on grass. My knees, hips and back have been a little stiff the last few days so I thought some give in the ground would do me some good. The course wasn't super busy so the golf ball trauma fear wasn't very high either. I just kep to the extreme edge of the course along the tree lines and kept my eyes up on the tee boxes so I knew when or if I'd have to duck. Overall I'd say the golfers were o.k. seeing me there. I just tried to stay out of their way as much as possible. It forced me to doubleback a couple times though and gave me some more time out.

Tomorrow it's back to core and stretching. My back is giving me a bit of trouble tonight. I know if my back goes I'm done, so tomorrow will be critical. Friday I plan on hitting the bike for a couple hours to give it a little more rest. Hopefully by Saturday I'll be feeling a little better and will be able to get a nice 2.5 hr. or so run in at Jubillee.

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mattonne said...

FORE!!!!!or is it FOUR!!!!!!