Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lazy on the Bloggin'

So far so good this week. I guess that's not saying much since it's only Tuesday. I had a nice run yesterday and hit some core and stretching today. I'm hoping for a nice run around some golf courses tomorrow. I'd really like to be on the trails, but that doesn't seem likely right now with the recent rain. I know the pavement is beating me up right now and I need some soft ground.

MMBF is taking off. We should have a schedule of events up very soon. I still can't believe how big this thing has become. All I can do is pray for dry weather that weekend.

I think I need new shoes!

1 comment:

mattonne said...

I hope to make it over there and camp, sounds like a cool event. You guys and gals from PAMBA have earned the good weather