Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Busy Week

We had a PAMBA meeting on Monday afetr work(no training for me). Spent Last night with Tiffster after work (no training for me). Today I at least got some core work in at home before I got some housework done. I even made it to the range before work at 2 p.m. I hope to try and get a run in tomorrow, but I need to hit Little Ades before work. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Friday it's days again and I have a long run planned for Saturday. I'm hoping for over 2 hours.

I got through step 2 of the secret plan. No date yet for step 3 but it shouldn't be a long wait.

1 comment:

Mike Howard said...

Another road run ! you ever going to be able to get in the trails ?

The Meeting was crazy ! nice to see that many getting envolved.

I can't make Dirkson I have to get saddle time in ! :>(