Monday, February 19, 2007

Cameraphobe I guess

I've had my camera in my backpack (that I take EVERYWHERE) for the last three weeks and not one stinkin' picture of anything. My bad. I'll try to do better in the future.

I had an improv run this morning around Bradley's campus. I really wanted to run at the park, but it was in no shape for running. I finally got in a decent rhythm and my run went o.k. I had my doubts early on. Tomorrow is a core training day and maybe some time on the trainer if I'm feeling up to it. I'll have to check the weather this week before I plan my outside runs. It's going to be plenty sloppy outside so I need to choose my venues/routs wisely.....unlike today and Saturday.

PAMBA meeting tonight, and what a turnout! Even a new face tonight and he seems very cool and will fit in great. Plus, I think he has a lot of buuilding background to go along with the riding. We'll take him. Plus his name is James and he drives a red Jeep Cherokee. Maybe he's trying to replace me. I can only hope!!!

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