Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back In the Dungeon

Got a real nice 60 minute run in today down in the "dungeon" with Howie. He did some heavy pedal pushin' on the spinner while I went for a gentle stroll. It felt good though. Just the right kind of run before I do a longie on Saturday out at Jubie. Supposed to be wicked cold that morning, but oh well. I need to suffer a little bit in these conditions we've got going on right now.

I'll get more core work in tomorrow and take Friday off to get some much needed errands ran like groceries and such. The fridge and pantry is runnin' on empty these days and needs some serious stocking. I get to testify in court tomorrow to revoke some loser's bond. Plus that means I get off early. A win/win for me.

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