Friday, February 09, 2007

Long, Cold Week

I woke up Tuesday morning to some cool temps in my house due to my furnace not working right. I decided I would try and fix it myself, but after doing research, purchasing and replacing the part, I was unable to make it work. At one point it got down to 40 deg. INSIDE. I have pretty much spent the week keeping it warm and watching my pipes. It has leveled off at about 60 deg which is doable. My landlord returns tonight from PTI so hopefully by Monday, we'll have some heat. Combined with me working days, not much work has gotten done.

Also, I start a new journey on the 28th. The journey could stop at any time, but if I'm allowed to continue on things will be changing for me in every aspect of life. I want to tell more, but I don't want to jinx myself. It's carreer driven, but will force me to adjust my personal life if it eventually happens. My focus is on it as much as possible right now, one phase at a time.

I will be hitting the trails at Jubie or Farmdale tomorrow for some work. Nothing too much, but I really need to get close to 90 minutes in tomorrow.

Hammer Nutrition is back on board for the I-74 Series for 2007 and will also be helping out at the MMBF in May. I love those folks and their products!

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