Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weather Be Damned!

So there's a foot of snow on the ground with ice underneath. So the temps are only going to get into the upper 20's this week. I still need to run. I have an 8 miler next weekend. So I better get used to the conditions and temps. This "race" will be about survival....period. I just want to finish.

If you get a chance to read the book "Ultra Marathon Man" do it! It is possibly the most inspiring book I've read and it came along at a great time. Thanks, Howie! Not that I will ever be in that guys league, but it taught me some lessons in sacrifice and doing what it all aspects.

I stumbled across a nice trail run series kicking off 12/19 at Rockcut State Park. It's a 4 race series starting with a 5K and building to a 20K by the last race. Sign me up! That sounds like a helluva training routine for me and a nice way to build up my base with some nice events.

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