Sunday, November 19, 2006

Good Week Ahead Planned

The weather is looking great for the next few days. And since I am working nights, I should get some decent work done....and I NEED it. The last month has been lacking to say the very least. I have got some club stuff done though in regards to sponsors and the Midwest Summit. But now I am ready for some "Me Time". With the Deer Run Run just a few weeks away, I need to get my running legs back. I could care less abut speed. I'm all about base miles and going long right now. The new Ipod Tiffster got me for my birthday should be helpfull as well. I've wanted one all year and I've spent the last few days, uploading my cd's.

This past week was an emotional one. My birthday was Monday and for those of you that don't know, Ilost my dad on my birthday 9 years ago. So where did I spend it this the hospital in Indy with my mom having some heart work done. To say the very least, she hasn't responded well to these in the past. I wasn't doing well. Long story short, my mom is doing great and the procedure couldn't have went better. I celebrated my birthday on Tuesday with Tiffster and it was great. Her parents even hooked me up with some $$ for a cargo tray and bike hauler attachment.

so this week goes like this:

Monday-Bradley Park run



Thursday-Jubilee trail run

Friday-Turkey Burn Ride at Farmdale

Saturday-Afterburner Ride @ Farmdale

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