Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Kick In The Junk

And that is exactly what I needed from the Farmdale Trail Run. Since my last du, I had gotten pretty lethargic and lazy. The last few weeks have been dealing with my mom's health and a scratched cornea of my own. I went to the trail run dressed to run, but not 100% committed until about 10 minutes before the race. I threw the hrm in the jeep and set a goal of just finishing and having fun. Mission accomnplished! I had a blast. I see more of these types of events in my future. I'm contemplating setting a goal for next year of doing the 30 miler. All in all it was just what I nned to re-focus and set some other goals for the next few months. Next up for me will be the Milkman Century next weekend then the Canal to Canal Run 10K in Utica on November 5th.

The Farmdale Trail Run was a great even and should be around for quite some time. In it's first year, it brought in 80 runners. With 30+ of them doing the 30 mile option. It was a great event and one that I and PAMBA will help promote. Any events like this that promote the trails only help us out as well. Our litle "hidden gem" of Farmdale is becoming not so secret anymore. Once we host the 2007 Midwest MTB Festival, the secret will really be out. We expect 500 mtbers that weekend. Hard to keep it a secret after that.

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