Monday, October 23, 2006

A Few More Upcoming Events For Me

-November 5th-Canal to Canal 10K

-December 9th-Da Deer Run Run Trail Run 8 Miler

-January 5th (I think)-Siberian Express 7.5 mile trail run

Hopefully we'll still get the Milkman Century in too within the next few weeks. I've been lazy enough. It was time to get some more goals set in stone to keep my butt working towards something. I've been bad and my diet even worse here lately. The trail run last week at least got me thinking right again. This week I'm concentrating on eating right again and maybe a few "fun" efforts.


Oberon said...

........nice tat.

Mouse said...

When is the midwest mtb festival? Sounds like something i could come home for. jeff/bro

Midz said...

May 4th-6th.