Tuesday, September 26, 2006

"Rest" Week is Over

Yeah, last week was my rest week away from training. I still had plenty to do for the I74 Fest though that kepy me busy. I wouldn't have had time to get much running or riding in if I wanted to.

The Festival went down with some minor issues thanks to Mother Nature dumping rain on Saturday, canceling the MTNX and a mad dash at the DH to get everyone back safely. Sunday came around though with some sun and a breeze and made for some good racing. All in all, I'll call it a good weekend and a fine finish to the 2006 I-74 MTB Series. Now let 2007 planning begin.

I myself took a nice RIT ride yesterday to clear my head. I had initially planned for a couple hours but I was doing a lot of thinking and two hours just wouldn't do. I ended up riding the entire trail and back, 52 miles counting my detour in Wyoming. Today I'm taking off due to hanging with the Tiffster. I missed our 6 yr. anniversary on Sunday so I can take a day or two more off to spend with her. She gives up a lot during the season while I'm off putting on races and training for my own.

So the rest of the week will go down like this:
Wednesday-long run, maybe trail
Thursday-RIT ride
Friday-short easy run
Saturday-Zoo Run Run 5K, Tiff is doing the walk

18 days until the Farmdale Trail Run.

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