Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Three Days to the Old Settler's 5K

I'm really looking forward to this race this weekend. I'm not quite sure why exactly. It may be because I haven't done a 5K in so long or it may just be that I'm getting anxious to "compete" again in an event. In all actuality, it will be a nice training run for me. I'm looking for a solid effort and I want to make myself hurt a little bit.

I just got off the treadmill where I did 20 minutes of 1/1 minute intervals. I really should have done those yesterday, but my legs were just dead weight yesterday from the urban ride and my run at Bradley Park. I decided to give them a break and then push them today. I'll try and hit the RIT tomorrow evening after work for a short ride and follow it up with an easy 20 minute run on Friday before work. I'll be off my feet most of the day on Friday while I sit at a Sex Offender Management conference....whee!

I've neglected the bike as of late, but that's not such a bad thing. I see a lot of tempo rides in my future starting next week. The aero bars will probably go back on the bike tonight so I can get a brick session in next week. I'd like to get 3 in before the Charleston Challenge. Two of them will be bike/run and the last will be a very short run/bike/run 7-10 days before the race.

My morning weight was 201! Goodbye Clydesdale class!

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Mike Howard said...

Goodluck with the rin this weekend ! Let me know what your sked is for next week....Get down to 180 lbs and I bet I can take yea !