Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pretty Good Weekend

Started it off with another 5K PR at Brimfield. I totally didn't expect that kind of run, but I think Howie being there pushed me. I ran a 23:31 for 7:34 miles. Not blazing by any means, but considering where I've came from, I'll take it. I'd love to pull a sub 23 minute 5K this year.

My class reunion was worth the trip. More people back than I expected and we all seemed to have a good time. We closed down the bars and found ourselves at a truck stop for some B&G. And that was how we ended our 15 year reuniuon. It was nice seeing some old friends.

I hope to get some quality days in this week, but I promised to help out at one of the local high school's football practices this week and work on some individual technique stuff with their linebackers and def. line. Luckily it's a 4-mid week so I'll still be able to get some things doen. I need to hit the bike hard this week.


Mike Howard said...

My Legs hurt all over ! I rode at Jubilee for 2-/12hrs and they were fine.....until I got home and out of the truck ! Glad you had a good time down south !

Midz said...

I'm just glad you came and ran. I Know it helped push me and I apreciate it very much.

Squirrel said...

Not bad my ass....aren't you around 2hundy?? If so.... a 7:34 mile is purdy fuck'n good in my book:)