Monday, August 07, 2006

Bad Posting

I apologize to those of you that read this. Normally, my non-posting means that I haven't been doing any training. Not the case this time. I've been doing quite a bit of running as of late and now that I am in my 6 week window to the Chaleston Challenge, it's time to start getting fast. It's also time to put the aero bars back on the bike and start working the hills.

This past weekend was the Farmdale Freeride #2. Our numbers sucked, but the racing was still good. I worked also all weekend. I spent Sunday morning with Tiffster and Stag and I hit up a LONG urban ride in the afternoon and evening. We were both cooked at the end. We followed it up with some El Mexicano flautas and some TommyKnocker. Does it get any better than that?

My legs were feeling that urban this morning. I went out for a longerish hilly run at Bradley this morning. My legs felt HEAVY. I think I'll knock a couple minutes off the rest of my workouts this week so I can do the Old Settlers Day 5K on Saturday. That needs to be a quality workout for me and hopefully a solid effort and time.

Damn, my 15 year class reunion is this weekend too. Crazy!


Mike Howard said...

You can stay over,but you would just leave early !

Squirrel said...

Yummy Tommyknockers.....haven't had one of those since....Idaho Springs, Co:)


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