Wednesday, August 16, 2006

......Followed by a Bad Week

Yeah, I should have known. After a solid 5K effort this past weekend, I have squandered away some prime opportunity for some solid sessions this week. The coaching thing really left me scrambling. Not to mention my diet has been terrible and I have had no structure or plan to any day yet this week. The good news is that my coaching duties are over and now I can get back to me. So inlight of that, I believe a mind cleansing ride on the RIT is in order for tomorrow. Then it's back to my schedule until the Charleston Challenge, one month from today.

I spent last night with two of my old college teamates and friends. I hadn't seen Sean in some time and he just moved back to the area from Ohio. He's a doctor in Galesburg where he grew up. Jake is the head wrestling coach at Pekin. It was nice getting together again. Even nicer that now we're all here pretty close and can do it more often.

Kickapoo Burn this Sunday, Race #5 of the I-74 Series! Killer trail system!

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