Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Comin' Back Around

This week has been a strange one in terms of how I've been feeling. I started the week off with a hilly tempo ride on Monday. I was hurtin' towards the end, but if I want to be ready for the hills I'm hearing about in Charleston, I need to work at them. Honestly, growing up in that general vicinity, I'm curious where all these hills can be.

Tuesday was one of the roughest days mentally I've had, maybe ever. I was looking for a nice tempo run, but it turned into 30 minutes of doubt and beating myself up. I got through the 30 minutes, but I never felt good at any point during the run and even questioned whether I wanted to keep working towards September 16th. My weight was up to 207 and I just had a nasty taste in my mouth all day.

I follow it up with a pretty good interval session this morning. About my 3rd hard effort into it I started feeling the fire again and could feel my batteries recharging both mentally and physically. No I feel pretty good about things and feel like I have some steam again. I guess I need to go through those tough times. I've never stayed the course for anything this long before and I was bound to have some mental roadblocks. It was good to battle through it and come out better than before.

Grocery store tonight after I throw some rounds at the range. I have qualifications next month and I need to stay sharp. It's been too long since I've been out.


mattonne said...

Its funny, almost every race i start thinking "what the hell am I doing this for"? Now I'm kinda ready for the "mental" part but I think its still the toughest part of training...KICK some ass MIDZ!!

Midz said...

Thanks, Buddy! I just need to kick myself in the ass every now and again. Nice to hear from you again.