Monday, July 31, 2006

Back From 24/9

The racing was great. The race itself....not so much. Horrible storms bookending the event caused confusion to the end of what could have been a killer event.

Howie was great putting in a solid 4th place run. I'm still not 100% that he couldn't have gotten on the podium if the race was allowed to continue. As always Howie, you're my friggin' hero. I never have to look further for inspiration. It's an honor to work in your pit with Cindy and Kels. The partial PAMBA team did well also. It was great seeing Paddy again as well and meeting his wife Naomi. Both of whih are incredible cyclists.

Unfortunately the last storm claimed the life of my camera so there will be no pics for awhile. I'm breaking down and getting an I-Pod before a camera.

As for me, I took today off and have spent some much anticipated time with the Tiffster. I had to "educate" her so we watched Clerks so that she would have a better understanding if we so choose to see the sequel. I think she liked it.

Tomorrow I'll get a nice flat 40 min. run in out on one of my old routes around HC. My bike time has been minimal so far. That will change starting Wednesday. I'm VERY ready to get the bike back out for some solid efforts. Temps are still in the mid to upper 90's so fluids and electrolites are at a premium.

Last day of July. September 16th will be here soon.


Paddy Humenny said...

glad you made it home safe...thanks for all you help....DON'T GO SEE CLERKS me!!!

Midz said...

Thanks for the warning....Great job this past weekend!