Tuesday, July 04, 2006

She's A Brick............House!

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Finished my first brick session today. I did a 20 inute run and a 40 minute ride. My "transition area" was the back of my Jeep, but it worked out well. I actually felt pretty good. I'll get one more in before the race. My only problem was my aero bars came a little loose and shifted on one side thowing me a little off. No worries though, that's the reason for doing brick sessions. Everything else was pretty good. I just have to make sure I'm drinking enough on the bike. Tomorrow it will be a tempo or EZ run, depending on how I feel in the morning. AS of right now, all systems are GO!


Squirrel said...

MIDZ......are you running with focking bricks in your hands/taped?? Now that is some crazy shit:) I once saw a mate with standard blocks (8x16) duck taped to his hands while running....crazy again. Although his chest had to be something like 80 plus inches:) Just remember while your suffering, its that feeling we crave. Good luck mate!


Midz said...

NO no, nothing like that. For my du training, I'm doing a couple specific workouts where I go from run-bike and bike-run and they're called "bricks". I'm not really sure why. Probably because I feel like I'm carrying bricks in my jersey pockets by the end.

Thanks for the encouragement my good man.