Sunday, July 09, 2006

Almost Here

I'm growing more and more excited all the time about the Touring Cyclist Bi next weekend. I've also gained some confidence the last week so that should bode well for me. I hope to get another brick in today and a tempo run on Tuesday. After that it will be some shorter easier efforts with a few short intervals thrown in to keep my legs feeling good and fresh. Logistically, everything is set. I'll actually head down late Saturday morning and give myself a chance to drive the courses and get a short run and/or ride in. Then it will be a good dinner and off my feet. Probably watching some TV. I'd like to hit some of the local shops too.

Tiffany and I went to Moline for a WBG show Friday night. We had fun. We walked along the river and had a nice dinner before the show. The show was a bit off. The crowd just sucked and it was hard to get anything goin' energy wise. To top it off, Pete, the drummer, was sick as hell. What a stud though, he just kept going with a waste can next to the drum kit. I won't go into detail, but the "old Midz" kicked in briefly as well as I grabbed a guy by his shirt and drove him into a wall for being a dick. He ran into Tiffany one too many times and was heckling the band......Not on my watch Bitch! Nobody pisses with the Woodbox Gang while I'm around to stop it. Anyway, I was upset that Tiffany saw that side of me, but she also dug the fact that I was coming to her rescue.

I never tell enough probation stories here either, so.....Tonight while working I came across a guy stumbling in the street. As I pulled up to check on him, he turned to infor me that he had been beaten and robbed. The guy was a bloody mess. I immediately called dispatch on the radio and got an officer and an ambulance in route. I just missed the actual incident and wish I had been able to prevent it. The poor guy was walking home from his shift at Steak N Shake and got his head kicked in for friggin' dollar! Don't take shit for granted!


Mouse said...

Good luck with your first Bi experience (no pun intended). You're legs will feel stiff from the bike-run transition, but be patient-they'll come around.
your Boise bro

Midz said...

Thanks, Bro! I'll give you a call this week before the race.

Mike Howard said...

Stck to your plan and you'll be fine ! I''l talk to you before the end of the week.

Monmouth memories last weekend eh !