Monday, July 24, 2006

Back to the Drawing Board

For September 16th for the Chaleston Challenge Du. This race is a traditional run-bike-run with mileage of 2.1/20/2.1. My understanding is that the bike course has 7 good hills. That said, my tempo ride course has been selected and I'll start those later this week.

Well, let me back the truck up. My results are in from last week's race and it painted a good picture of what I need to do. First off, I'm happy with my results. I finished 52nd in the overall men out of 113. I was ranked 102nd in the run and 38th on the bike. I see a huge opportunity to improve my run and a big shot at improving my bike as well.

The overall plan is this. Because my runs in the next race are shorter and will be at a faster pace, I see no reason with doing many long runs. In fact I'll be doing more 5K's between now and then and a lot of tempo and interval work.

My bike stuff will include more hill intervals and my temo rides will include more hills also. Again, no real long stuff for now. I see no real reason in doing anything over 60 miles between now and then. Lastly, my brick sessions will focus on more bike-run because it is a harder transition to make.

Last week was nice. I kicked back, ate stuff I haven't had in a bit, had some beer and got ready for the Jubilee race yesterday. I'm fresh, I'm relaxed and I'm ready to get going again. Tomight I meet with Howie so we can make our list for 24/9 next weekend. I'm his pit guy and I want him to do well. He's already qualified for the World's in his age group but this is the race he's geared up for all year. I need to stay sharp in the pit and keeping track of how the race goes. It's also huge motivation for me.


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