Monday, June 12, 2006


At least enough to start my training up full swing again. I'll ease into it this week in hopes that I can run Steamboat this weekend. Obviously my goals for that have changed now, but it will still be a nice temp run for the week.

Last night I sat down to work on my next 5 weeks of training leading up to July 16th and the Touring Cyclist Bi. A lot more speed work and some brick training thrown in for good measure. More of my running will be done on a track now for some interval type stuff as well. I want to make sure my Long workouts stay strong though too.

The rest of this week will go like this:

EZ Run 30 minutes

Wednesday/ 2-10
Tempo ride-22 miles

Thursday/ 2-10
RIT-2 hours

Friday/ days
EZ run/mtb in the evening

Saturday/ off
Steamboat classic 4 miler


mattonne said...

Chili's BABY BACK RIBS, I don't know its the first thing that came to mind...glad your feeling better!

Midz said...

Me too, thanks!