Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Now I'm Feelin' It!

Just got back from my first hard effort since the rib thing. I went out on my 22 mile loop for a TT to really test myself and see how much ground I've lost the last 10 days. With a grin on my face I can say "not much". I was a little slower today but by less than 3 minutes. All things considered, I'm happy with that. Tomorrow I'll take an easy spin on the RIT and on Friday I'll get an EZ run in before Saturday's Steamboat Classic. The Classic is a run I really need to get in. My goals for it have obviously changed, but it will be a good training run for me. I haven't got nearly as many running mile under my belt the last 10 days as I would like, but running took me a bit longer to tolerate than the biking.

On to PAMBA news......This weekend is the first PAMBA hosted I-74 race with the Farmdale Frenzy. We'll have DH and MTNX on Saturday and XC on Sunday. Everything should be ready to roll right now. I just hope the weather cooperates for us!

Oh, and I am now fully moved into the new pad in West Peoria. Stag and I have the place rockin' and have what shouldbe a dining room dedicated to .......BIKES. It has also allowed me to start commuting to work when I work days. NO more big gas $$ and I can cancel my parking deck which will save me another $35/mo.

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Mike Howard said...

"dude" Your not my neighbor no more ! One of those city slickers !

Glad to see you settled in ! I hope you and Les get along great ! I don't know how you can't with Les,he's so harmless.

Good luck at the Steambout race ! Don't push yourself to hard,you don't need anymore setbacks.

I'll be around all weekend.