Monday, June 19, 2006

Race Weekend Down

And it went off very well if I say so myself. Saturday was the DH and MTNX and it was some very good racing. Numbers were down slightly but, I partly attribute that to Father's Day weekend and of course gas prices could have played a part. No worries though, everybody had a blast and no serious injuries.

Sunday numbers were fair. The looming sky's didn't keep many away and those that came weren't disapointed. The rain was brief and played no role in the days races. Most of the races actually took place in sunlight, but steamy conditions. Next race up in the I-74 is the Jubilee Jam next month. Until then...I'm getting my ride on and back to training hard. I might even sneak in some riding/camping between now and then.

Had a nice run this morning at an EZ pace. It was actually my first real run in some time. The ribs felt pretty good so now I know I can start crankin' it up a notch and try and gain some ground. The rest of the week hopefully plays out like this:

Tempo ride 22 mile loop

Wednesday:days (training)
Tempo run 25 minutes

Thursday:days (Training)
EZ run 30 minutes

Long Ride 4 hours

Trail run at Jubilee

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