Sunday, June 25, 2006

Limited Computer Access

So I apologize for my lack of posts. Actually I have been doing quite well and keeping busy. My training is back on track and I am feeling confident again about my race in 3 weeks from today. I have fully moved into the new pad and am getting settled. I am finding new places to run and I'll start looking for some new riding opportunities soon. I've been very spoiled in Hanna City in regards to running and riding options.

I spent the morning yesterday at the Dragon-Tri in Pekin. The guy who puts it on is a friend of mine soI offered to help out. I also thought it would be a great learning tool for me about transitions and such for my upcoming races. I worked the water station coming out of the bike-run transition so I got to see it all. I think I picked up on some tips that I will try. Who knows, maybe next year I'll do the Tri thing.

I plan on getting a nice Tempo ride in tomorrow then the bike is off to Little Ades for a thourough tune-up and check it over. That way if I have any issues, I still have time to get it back in. I'll be riding to work this week and hitting the RIT on Thursday so I'm not in any big rush to get my bike back.

I think the Proctor Classic is out. I could spend that time better doing something else like a nice long run or maybe even a brick session. I'll have the full plan up tomorrow. I am putting some emphasis on my running since I missed so much of it with the ribs.

Lastly I want to congratulate my man, Howie for his podium finish at the Metro 12 Hour race in Milwaukee yesterday. Look out 24/9......The Milkman is comin'!

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Mike Howard said...

Hey Midz ! Lets ride our bikes over to the proctor race and watch Tony and Higgy race !!!

6:30am leave time from my place !