Friday, May 26, 2006

Pre 5K Mode

So I'm on my 4-day weekend, just relaxin' a little bit before tomorrow's River Run for Wellness. I got a quick 20 minute run in this morning and then went grocery shopping for this week's grub. I spent the rest of the day between Ades ordering Tri shorts and then on into Peoria for some Elete and a battery for my HRM. Scored a new battery, but the Elete had to be ordered. No biggie, I have enough to get me through the next week.

Tomorrow's run starts at 8 a.m, so I need to be up by 6 and getting some grub in me. I'll stick to the oatmeal/coffee breakfast and a Red Bull on my way. That seems to be working so far. I'll also mix up some Heed for after the race. When the race is done it's off to Black Partridge park in Metamora to start the ADA trail there.

Not sure what my goal for a time is tomorrow. I just want to feel good and finish strong and have a smarter race from w/u to finish.

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