Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Aerobar Report

Oddly enough, I didn't mind them too much. I took them out yesterday for a hard effort ride. I ended up at 22 miles just over an hour. I was really hoping to be faster, but I'll take it. Anyway, the aerobars took me some getting used to, but all in all weren't too bad. I tilted my saddle down slightly as recomended by all that I talked to. My junk was still feelin the pressure at about the 13 mile, but it wasn't too terrible.

I guess my biggest adjustment was I shifted late or not at all sometimes. I was reluctant getting out to make the shift. As I got more comfortable, I was able to make the shift and keep an arm in the bars. My handling was also a little "twitchy" early on, but that smoothed out also. JHiggs has a different style bar I might try and compare next week.

Speaking of new stuff. Here's my new Bell Ghisallo road helmet.
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Two days of hard efforts has my legs a little dead today. I'm going to get in an EZ run today and a spin on the RIT tomorrow if the weather holds.


Squirrel said...

Good day my fellow bike'n brutha, seen your reply on Matts blog and I noticed the ink. Is that a chain ring for the top of the skulls head?? If so could you send a pic. my way via my blog, I have a cycling tattoo fliker show going on, can always use more ink for the show:)


Midz said...

Thanks, man! I sent ne your way. Any friend of Matt's is a friend of mine.

mattonne said...

Aero bars and new helmet?! Thats awfully roadie of you, beware the dark side Obiwan :)

Midz said...

I've been working on BEING a duathlete so I figured I should at least try and look like one...albeit a slow one :)