Saturday, May 27, 2006

From the Outhouse to the Penthouse

So my day started off a little rocky. I was running late out of the house then missed my turn to the park in Chillicothe. I finally got there and got registered. I went back to the Jeep to change clothes and decided I better drain the weasle before I warmed up. Only one problem......they had TWO Johnnies and the lines were out of control. I finally did my thang and my warm-up consisted of my run from the head to the start/finish line. So I'm already flustered as the race starts. Then a block in I realize that I never started the HRM that I ran all over hell to find a battery for. I start it and the sound mode is on.......anoying! So I just turned the thing off. I put my head down and ran mad.

I had a very good pace going for me and nearly blew up at the end. I came across at 24:27, a new PR and over 2 minutes faster than my last 5K 2 months ago. To top it all off I won this.
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This thing was like a $60 gear bag. It is sweet as hell. I finished the day off working on trail at Black Partridge.

Hopefully Howie is still going strong at his 12 hr. race. He should have about 90 minutes left. Roll on, Milkman!

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