Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Game Plan

I'm still on a bit of a high from my race on Saturday. Nice to know that my work is paying off and it really motivated me for what's till to come. This week won't be exactly what I want due to a trailcare day on Saturday, but I'll get some good work in anyway.

Today I really wish I'd had my camera when I went out to "The Farm" to start working on the tree that fell on the MTNX course. It was HUGE! I cannot express to you how big that fuckin' thing was. The CIC (our DH/MTNX director) and the AOL ( my LBS wrench and the best damn freerider I know personally) met me out there and we went to work. I think we got everything I could with the equipment we have. The rest is saved for the pro's. We need to get it moved so we can get dirt brought in next weekend and the fact that it was covering the last berm!

Tomorrow I'm meeting Higgs and we're going to start trimming back the trails. That will leave us less to do next weekend. Between all this, I'll find time to keep training.

EZ RIT ride-2 hrs.

Tempo run-25 minutes

Tempo bike-20 miles

EZ run-30 minutes

Long Bike-4 hrs.


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