Sunday, April 30, 2006

Time To Get Faster (that's a relative term, here)

Time to kick up the tempo sessions. I'll start alternating a long ride with a long run from week to week so I can add a tempo session to each. I hope to continue working on my long efforts as well though. I have some "long" goals this year too.

One thing I do notice is that I have a lot of "other" events on the horizon to figure in also, but that's part of being the president of the club I guess. I also don't want to forget the Tiffster and she needs some time too. That said, she and I will be celebrating Cinco De Mayo with the Woodbox Gang in Springfield.

So here's a look at the week:

Monday: off
Temp run-22 min

Tuesday: Days
EZ bike-2 hrs

Wednesday: Days
Long run-60 minutes

Thursday: Days
EZ bike-2 hrs

Friday: off (concert that night)
EZ run-30 minutes

Saturday: 6p-2a
Tempo ride-1 hr. (may or may not happen)

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