Wednesday, April 19, 2006

That's More Like It

A nice run for my long run day. I ended up with 5.3 miles. A little short of the 5.5 I was going for, but I felt good at the end and know I could have done more. That's the longest run I'll get in before I do the trail run next weekend. I feel much more confident that I can do it now. I better, because I sent my money in today for the registration. Tiffster is doing the walk.

Tomorrow is a bike day, probably on the RI Trail if it stays dry out tonight. I feel much better about things today. Amazing how bad I beat myself up now when I don't get runs/rides in the way I should.


mattonne said...

when its been too long since I've gotten a ride in the Mrs. kicks me out the door, don't come back till I ride it off!!!

Mike Howard said...

I havn't been on the bike since Sunday !! I'm getting caught up on grass and I'm not in a good mood ! I have a 14 hr day Friday ,but I'll still get a ride in somewhere! I'll be off around 2:00pm Midz ! Oh ya I have a new bike ! 18 horsepower with a 48inch deck !