Sunday, April 16, 2006

Some Insane Inspiration

Wow. That's all I can say about those Ultra runners I watched last night. I got off work at midnight and drove straight to Pekin to help out at the start/finish line. Basically I waited for runners to come in then just made sure they had everything they needed. I filled bottles, got them food, got bags for them to change gear, etc. It was very cool. The winner came in at about the 21 hr. mark. After 100 miles, second place was less than 3 minutes behind. He made up 48 minutes in one 10 mile lap.......amazing! I got home about 9 this morning, took a short nap and went with Tiffany for some Chinese to celebrate Easter. I've pretty much slept the last five hours.

Busy week, this week. PAMBA meeting tomorrow, Red Bull meeting on Wednesday, Hopefully another solid training week as well. Speaking of which:

Tempo run:22 minutes

EZ ride: 2 hrs

Long run: 5.5 miles

RI Trail ride: 2 hrs

Easy a.m. run: 35 minutes

Long ride: 4 hrs.

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