Monday, April 24, 2006

Jubilee Trail Runnin'

Went out to Jubilee for some trail run action before Saturday's Wildlife Trail Run. It was a blast! I had only intended to run for 30 minutes but by the time I finally looked at my watch, I had been out for 40! I went ahaead and tacked on another five just for good measure and had a nice walk back to the Jeep as a cooldown. I felt great and it was a HUGE confidence builder for this Saturday.

The rest of the week looks a little somethin' like this:

Tuesday: 4-mid
60 min. tempo ride

Wednesday: 1-9
EZ 4 mile run

Thursday: 4-mid
ez 2 hr. bike on the RIT

Friday: off
EZ 25 min. run

Saturday: off
Wildlife Trail Run 4 miler

1 comment:

mattonne said...

sounds like XC racing without the bike???? I can't do that-no coasting...Good Luck to you Sir!