Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back In Slug Mode

That's how I felt today. No running or riding at all. I helped Tiffster around the house with some cleaning and laundry and then decided to go on into town for lunch before work. I skipped breakfast, then ate terrible today. I'm really disapointed in myself because my weight had been at 211 the last few days. I haven't seen that small a number on the scale for a long time.

With the run coming up Saturday, I should have ran today and taken tomorrow off or got a light ride in. I'll still try and get a ride in, but I really need to do some shopping because the cupboard is BARE. If I can get by tomorrow, I have all day on Friday to get groceries. I don't know. I'm really down right now and depressed on how I handled the day. I guess beating myself up won't do any good though. I just need to have a better day tomorrow.

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