Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Slight Change In Plans

Nothing too major though. I really couldn't force myself into a spinning session today, so I did a 35 minute run instead. Tomorrow I still plan on getting a ride in outside, just 1.5-2 hrs' worth at a slower pace. Friday will still be a short run to keep my "running legs" fresh for Saturday. No blisters today, that's a good thing. I didn't feel quite as strong though, that's not a good thing.

This snow is bumming me out a little. The trails were just getting dry enough to ride. Now they have five inches of fast melting snow on them. I'm still not 100% ready for the trails anyway, so maybe it's a good thing. In the long run, they really needed this extra moisture.


Mike Howard said...

This snow will keep us off the trails for awhile now ! There wont be much training on the trails for the Sylvan Island race !

Let me know how you do Saturday Good luck !

mattonne said...

Kick Ass Midz!! Get some for those of us who CAN'T run anymore!

Midz said...

Thanks, Fellas! I'll see what I can do.