Friday, March 24, 2006

Final Prep

READY TO ROLL! Posted by Picasa

Just got my gear ready for tomorrow. Should be looking at a race time temp of 35 deg. A 10 mph breeze and maybe what's left of some snow flurries. Not exactly ideal, but I've ran in worse. Here's the schedule as I see it now:

6:30 a.m.-Get up, eat my oatmeal

7:15 a.m.-Leave for Peoria

7:45 a.m.-Register

7:50 a.m.-Start warmups, decide on gear

8:oo a.m.-Final decision on gear, continue warmups

8:20 a.m.-Last check, start to line

8:30 a.m.-Race is on!

8:56 a.m.-Hopefully I am crossing or have already crossed the line. (8:22 miles) Not bad for the first one out.

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