Sunday, March 19, 2006

Weekly Plan

This is my least favorite work week of my rotation. It just makes no sense and it's tougher to get in any flow for training. At any rate, the week ends with my first 5K of the year, the Eat 'Em Up 5K on the riverfront in Peoria. I just returned from the store so I have plenty of grub for good training fuel. Here's a rundown of the week to come:

35 minute treadmill run before work


Spin or ride up to 2 hours

Spin or ride up to 2 hours

shorter run, 20 minutes

5K in the morning

1 comment:

mattonne said...

Good Luck this weekend, I'd donate some cartiledge for your knees but i don't have any left myself, i find lots of butter on my popcorn keeps my joints from seizing